My essential wardrobe

A while ago Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series took the blogosphere by storm,and this girl is no exception.I didn’t follow the series to the letter but I did however got a good feeling of wich items work for me and wich don’t.

Needless to say my wardobe has been downsized significantly.Loads of stuff out to charity shops and the rest got recycled into rags for my hubby.Ever since the Big Cleanup,I am very thoughtful about adding new stuff.

My goal is having less random stuff and more of a coherent wardobe,where each piece can make several different outfits.When I found this pin,I knew this was the place to start from,visual always work better for me when it comes to planning.


I decided to take this pin as a good starting point,and go from there.I started with the 25 keypieces:

  1.  sweatshirt
  2. chunky knitted sweater
  3. A-line jumper
  4. cropped sweatshirt
  5. black skinny jeans
  6. boyfriend jeans
  7. pencilskirt
  8. plaid shirt
  9. black ankle boots
  10. sneakers
  11. nude ankle boots
  12. black leggings
  13. t shirt
  14. bodywarmer
  15. denim shirt
  16. cardigan
  17. black knee high boots
  18. cropped knitted sweater
  19. white dress shirt
  20. blue skinny jeans
  21. sleeveless sweatshirt
  22. pumps
  23. denim sweatpants
  24. t shirt dress
  25. longsleeve t shirt

I decided what would work for me,wich items I already owned and what I would need to buy/make.This is my personal list of 25 keypieces:


  1. knitted sweater(recently finished Plucky Everyday)
  2. black classic Vneck jumper(already owned)
  3. knitted shrug(recently finished Petrol Shrug)
  4. cropped sweater(still haven’t decided about this one)
  5. black skinny jeans(already owned)
  6. boyfriend jeans(already owned)
  7. pencil skirt(recently finished Dona Karan skirt)
  8. plaid shirt(recently finished Flanel Plaid Shirt)
  9. black ankle boots(already owned)
  10. sneakers(already owned)
  11. sleeveless top(on the sewing list)
  12. black leather leggings(already owned)
  13. T shirt(already owned)
  14. classic slacks(recently finished Tailored Slacks)
  15. denim shirt(already owned)
  16. loose cardigan(WIP Blue Sand Cardigan)
  17. black knee high boots(need to buy)
  18. fitted classic cardigan(already owned)
  19. black dress shirt(already owned)
  20. flared jeans(on the sewing list)
  21. black crepe sweatpants(recently finished Secret Sweats)
  22. cigarette pants(on the sewing list)
  23. pumps(already owned)
  24. long sleeved dress(recently finished Curlew Dress M&M)
  25. long sleeved shirt(on the sewing list)

As you can see my sewing list is still growing,but I have done a lot.

I will be making the same exercise for a spring/summer wardrobe where I plan to keep myself to 25 items.Let’s hope I can !

The weather has been awful here the last few weeks so as soon as I can,I will be taking pics of me wearing the new stuff but until then this will have to do.’til then!




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